Diagnosing ADD and ADHD

Diagnosing ADD and ADHD

ADD, ADHD & Executive Functioning Coach

There is no quick diagnosis for ADD and ADHD. Just like this is not a simple disorder, diagnosing it isn’t a simple process. While one might display symptoms that look like ADD/ADHD, it doesn’t mean that it is ADD/ADHD. It could be a variety of things. Only a full neuropsychological evaluation is the best way to tell if you’re dealing with ADD/ADHD or other symptoms that can act like this disorder. As the saying goes…

just because it looks and quacks like a duck doesn’t mean it’s a duck.

I cannot tell you how many times people call me for help with ADD/ADHD and he or she is self-diagnosed. Or what’s even worse is that a teacher will tell a parent that his or her child has the disorder. Just like a car should be evaluated by a qualified mechanic, ADD/ADHD should be diagnosed by a qualified professional. While…

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