Self-Regulation with ADD and ADHD

Self-Regulation with ADD and ADHD

ADD, ADHD & Executive Functioning Coach

ADD and ADHD is a disorder of self-regulation. I’ve come to this realization after living with this disorder for almost 40 years and my professional experiences. My statement certainly simplifies the whole process, but let’s take a deeper look into what exactly this means.

In some of my other entries, I’ve mentioned things like The Internal Pause Buttonas a way of controlling one’s behavior. But what if we don’t even know what things we’re trying to control? Or that there’s an issue at all? What if we see a box of cookies sitting on a table and eat the whole thing, but don’t recognize these cookies are for a group of people? It is hard to implement any strategy without understand why it needs to be implemented. Or to use an old analogy, it is like putting the cart ahead of the horse.

Let me take a…

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